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Key Largo Charter Fishing

Key Largo charter fishing trips with Captain Henry

Captain Henry Warrington is an experienced USCG licensed Master Captain with thousands of backcountry trips below his belt. He has fished the waters of South-Africa, the Amazon, Belize and off course the backcountry waters of Key Largo and the Everglades National Park. Captain Henry offers a fun and relaxed atmosphere during his fishing trips in Key Largo which makes it easy for new anglers to try out this amazing sport. The fishing trips that Captain Henry offers in Key Largo are tailored to fit the needs of every angler from the beginner to the pro. 

The 3 hour fishing trips are perfect for the budget minded angler or for families with young kids. After a 20 minute boat ride into the Everglades National Park, you will be fishing for Snook, Jack Crevalle, Mangrove Snapper and Speckled Sea Trout.

The 4 hour (half day) fishing trips are great for anglers who have at least some experience and would love to enjoy a beautiful morning or afternoon fishing in Key Largo and the Everglades National Park.

The 6 and 8 hour fishing trips are ideal for the angler who has a little more experience as well as casting capabilities because we will fish with live and artificial bait. Be sure to bring a snack on this trip!  If the weather is good, we will go all the way to Flamingo and Cape Sable for the giant Snook and Reds! 

What does the captain provide

Capt Henry will provide all the tackle, bait, bottled water, a cooler with ice and fishing licenses.

What you must bring

Everglades Entry Permit. Each person entering the Everglades National Park must have a Park Pass when entering the park unless you already have a National Park Pass like "America the Beautiful", "Lifetime Senior Pass", "Veterans Pass" or "Everglades Annual Pass". Passes can be bought online at for people 16yrs and older. Under 16 don't need a pass. Each Pass cost $15 but if your group is larger than 2 people, you can purchase a Vessel Pass for $15
Gatorade or sodas if you prefer a beverage other than water. Unfortunately I do not allow ANY alcohol on the boat. Sorry, NO exceptions. My commercial insurance does not allow for any alcohol to be consumed while on a charter. Any person who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused access onto the vessel. Cigarettes are also a no-no...however vape pens are allowed.
Sunglasses are MANDATORY for everyone fishing on the boat, even for kids. Sunglasses protect the eyes against the harmful rays of the sun but more importantly they protect the eyes against objects like hooks, sinkers, rod tips and other objects. You must bring your own sunglasses.
Right clothing. In the summer months I suggest light layered clothing including a hat, gaiter, long sleeve shirt and rain jacket. In the cooler months make sure to bring a jacket because the ride can be very cold. Also make sure to wear comfortable soft shoes. No flip flops or barefoot.
On the 6 and 8 hour trips you MUST wear the appropriate clothing to protect yourself from the sun. Long sleeve fishing shirts and long fishing pants are crucial in the Florida sun. I strongly suggest to wear a good face buff and gloves too.
Prescription medicine. Any prescription medicines that you cannot be without. For example, if you are allergic to anything, make sure to bring medicines or an Epipen along with you.

What NOT to bring

1. Alcohol, tobacco products, drugs or firearms. NO EXCEPTION. The trip will be terminated if any of these products are brought onto the boat.
2. Big bags, coolers or other bulky objects. Space is limited on a boat.
3. Sunscreen. Make sure to apply sunscreen BEFORE leaving your hotel room or home and wash your hands with water and soap afterwards.
4. Insect repellent. The ingredients in repellents, especially DEED, will actually cause the fish not to bite.
5. Pets. NO animals are allowed on the boat. No exception.

What are the trips like?

Backcountry fishing in the Everglades can be very different from what most people are used to. We fish in very shallow water which means that we will be casting long distances close to the mangroves islands. Excellent casting skills is a MUST for most anglers especially on the 4 hours and longer trips. What does excellent casting skills mean? It means you can cast about 60-100 feet away and land the live bait or lure within 1-2 feet from the mangroves by casting forehand AND backhand. Remember, fishing the Everglades means that all your fishing will be done standing up. Unlike lake fishing, there is no fishing while sitting down here.

My 2 hour trips though are designed for the less experienced angler. During the first 2 hours of the morning and the last 2 hours before sunset, the fish are generally very active. Even the first timer can catch a whole lot of fish on this trip! On the 2 hour trips, you actually get about 1.5 - 2 hours of fishing in and because this is a shorter trip, it's ideal for the young anglers ages 7 and up. My 2 hour trips usually produce the most amount of fish in the least amount of time. This trip is also great for the summer months when the temperature in the day can be extremely hot.

The 4, 6 and 8 hour trips are designed for the intermediate to skilled angler. You will be doing a lot of long distance precision casting close to the mangroves. If you like to fish with artificial lures, this trip is for you! The minimum age for this trip is 10 years old. You also need to be in fairly good physical shape for several reasons: The summer heat can be tough on the young ones as well as the elderly. You also need to be fairly nimble on your feet and be able to move around the boat fast. If you had any recent surgery to your knees, hips or any other part of your body that requires you to keep your balance, this trip might not be the best for you.

Can I keep my catch

Yes and No. I don't allow any Snook or Redfish to be kept on my boat. These fish can take a very long time to grow and we need to maintain their numbers for a sustainable industry. If you catch Snapper, Speckled Trout or Triple-tail, I will be happy to clean them for you. However keep in mind that you can only keep what you can consume that day. Filling up coolers is not a sustainable practice in the Everglades National Park.

How many people can go on the boat

My boat can accommodate up to 4 passengers. However, the amount of people who can fish at the same time depends on the proficiency and experience of everyone on the boat. I rarely allow all 4 people to fish at the same time unless all 4 people are extremely proficient in casting. The reason for this is to prevent accidents and to keep lines from crossing when someone gets a huge fish on the line (which happens a lot). I take safety very seriously and I want everyone to have great memories of the fishing trip....not memories of a trip to the ER.

How do you deal with kids

Kids are very welcome on my boat. I pride myself in teaching the young ones the art of fishing in the backcountry. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing a kid reel in a big fish. Kids under 10 years old can only go on the 2 hour trips because movement is restricted on a boat and the younger ones find it difficult to be fairly quiet for long periods. So, the 2 hour trip is perfect for them. On my 4hr trips, kids 10 and older usually do very well. I usually do a little safety talk with the kids before we leave the dock to make sure everyone is on the same page. There is no running, jumping, climbing, hanging or horseplay allowed at anytime.